Adaptive Management

On Boo estate, we cherish and protect the wildlife. Therefore we have developed a plan for managing the wildlife, with an emphasis on biological facts and cooperation between the branches of forestry, agriculture and hunting.

Every season the shooting of cloven-hoofed animals on Boo is preceded by taking a wildlife inventory. This is combined with an inventory of crop damage in the forests and on agricultural lands, and consequently results in a cull plan for the different game species. To facilitate bird life, old agricultural lands have been converted into wetlands which have become popular destinations for tourists and bird watchers alike.

Every winter we use around 1000 grass bales for wildlife forage, and we have approximately 30 installations for feeding wild boars throughout the year. The goal of these installations is to keep the wild boars in the area. This results in the reduction of crop damage which is caused by these animals. Additionally, a number of green fields have been created, using old forest areas and agricultural lands. Through this method we have established a better environment for the wildlife on and around the estate.