The greater part of Boo fee tail, with its total of 37,000 acres, consists of woodland. Today, Boo Egendom practices modern forestry on about 29,000 acres of productive forest. The distribution of the three main timber categories is approximately as follows: 50% pine, 45% spruce and 5% deciduous trees.

For generations, Boo Egendom has strived to keep a very high standard of forest management, according to the concept that pine timber should be produced for carpentry purposes, while spruce wood should be produced for construction purposes. The forest management should also lead to a long-term and steady financial return.

The forest area is divided into several classified forest stands, each one with its own management plan. Wood type, expected yield, soil conditions, environment and nature conservation values are all taken into consideration for these management plans. The forestry practices at Boo are certified by the national umbrella organization of forest management. At present, 6 % of the total area of land is being reserved for nature conservation purposes.