The Game on Boo Fideikommiss

One of the best-known wild species on Boo is the beautiful fallow deer (Dama dama), which comes both in light colours (light brown with white dots) and in dark colours (brown, almost black). The fallow deer came to Boo at the end of the 1920s and has adapted very well to the environment. Today we have one of the largest populations of wild deer in Sweden. Every year around  600 fallow deer are shot on Boo estate. Some of Sweden’s largest wild deer have been shot here, and every year a large number of medal deer are shot as well.

It is not just the fallow deer that draw hunters and tourists to Boo. We also have good strains of elk, wild boar, red deer, roe deer and beaver. Currently we shoot approximately  50 mooses every year, as well as around 100 wild boars. The red deer stay mainly in the peripheral areas, while the roe deer roam throughout the entire estate.

Bird life is also well represented. We do not actively release game birds, but there are plenty of forest birds, wild ducks, geese and cranes. With a little luck you might even spot both Golden Eagles and sea eagles.