Our People in the Forest

Every year we fell less than the annual forest’s growth, which results in a sustainable increase in the future wood supply. In order to meet the targets we wish to achieve, and also to meet the demands of the timber industry, we employ local contractors. These entrepreneurs are employed for thinning, regeneration-felling and logging, and offer an extensive local knowledge of and affinity with the surroundings. Local contractors are also hired for other forest management services.

We have an in-house team of three persons for manual felling, in addition to two loading teams. Each loading team follows a contractor. The loading teams are currently using John Deere 1510 and 1110 machines. A forestry manager is responsible for the daily management.

Forestry Manager
Ingemar Karlsson
Tel: +46-(0)73-315 75 15
E-mail: ingemar.karlsson@booegendom.se