The Lower Park

The so-called lower park (nedre parken) was built in the early 19th century. This previously marshy area was drained and transformed into a park by Carl Diedric Hamilton, as a tribute to his first wife, Anna Catharina Hamilton (born Adelheim). She died on February 14th, 1814, only 36 years old.

In memory of his wife, Carl Diedric had a stone erected in the park. The inscription reads:

“Good was she, beautiful and lovely as the light in the sky, the bliss of her husband, an example to her children. Like a flower, her memory arises from the gravel. Her spirit smiles mildly from above the skies. Her good taste decorates these surroundings. Where eternal loss is devoted to her virtues. “

In springtime, wood anemones grow in the lower park, which are then followed by the lily of the valley and the lesser butterfly orchid. More recently, rhododendrons have been added. The Boopåsklilja, a special kind of daffodil, also thrives here. In springtime, the beautiful and unusual chequered daffodil blooms in the meadow called Friherrinnans äng (the meadow of baroness) beneath the castle.