Most of our farmland is currently used for conventional agriculture. We cultivate seeds for sowing purposes and we have our own installation for production and cleaning of seeds. The cultivated area adds up to approximately 2,000 acres. In addition, 270 acres are leased as farmland and 520 acres as pasture. Today there is one farm lease remaining, as well as about 30 agreements for land lease. The latter are mainly pasture land.

Since 2006, we have shared our agricultural machinery and management with the neighbouring estate of Brevens Bruk AB. This cooperation enables both partners to farm efficiently and cost-effectively.

Brevens Bruk currently has around 750 acres of land in private use. In addition, 370 acres are leased as farmland and 150 acres as pasture.

Agricultural Manager
Peter Aronsson
Tel: +46-(0)70 675 62 12