Real Estate

On the Boo estate there has always been a large number of buildings, varying from buildings of cultural value to cottages with outhouses.

Today there are twelve buildings of cultural value remaining, as well as approximately ten year-round houses and around thirty summer cottages. In addition, there are many farm buildings and outhouses. The year-round houses are mainly situated in the flat agricultural area around the village of Hjortkvarn.

Most of the summer cottages are situated deeper in the forest area, usually in a forest clearing. They are rented out unfurnished, preferably on the basis of a long-term contract. We provide the materials for outside maintenance, while the tenants themselves are responsible for carrying out the actual work.

We also have some houses available for short-term accommodation. All of these are located in nature, with close proximity to woodland and waters. See further under “Accommodation” and “Photos of the Interior”.

For more information regarding short-term accommodation please contact our head keeper Per Thelin.

If you would like more information regarding long-term rental of our year-round houses and summer cottages, please contact Carl-Fredrik Hamilton. For renting these houses, we require personal references and a healthy financial situation from our tenants.