Cultural Heritage

At Boo estate there is a rich cultural heritage and cultural life. Few privately owned estates contain such a large number of well-preserved cultural buildings as Boo.

The main building of the estate is the castle, Boo slott. It was built in 1882 by the architect Johan Fredrik Åbom and is located at the heart of the estate. The church of Boo is just a stone’s throw away from the castle. This is a beautiful, wooden church in so-called “Karoliner” style (the style of the Swedish kings Charles XI and Charles XII). Near the church there is also a little school building, which is built in the form of a temple.

We continuously aim to preserve and care for our cultural heritage and the extraordinary buildings on the property in the best possible way. To provide visitors of Boo with some background information, signs have been placed in the area around the castle. These may inform the visitors about the history and characteristics of the specific building or monument.